Alastair Thomas

Alastair first started improvising 3 years ago and hasn’t stopped since, despite being asked to many times. He feels bad he doesn’t do charity work (in particular that he’s never helped kids in Africa). Alastair’s role in City Impro is to write the programme each week so any spilling mistakes are his fualt.


Anna Caro

Anna moved to London from Germany in 2012 to pursue a master’s degree in law. Even though this meant that the odds were heavily stacked against her humourwise, she decided to give improv a go. It was love at first game and some years later, she sometimes blurts out “new choice” at her boss when she doesn’t like her latest work assignment. Anna is also the creator of the Bad Perspective podcast and will talk to you about movies until you politely ask her to stop.


David Price

When David isn’t working in the City he can be found unleashing his creative interests through improvising or writing the screenplay for the next Hollywood blockbuster. David has acted for a number of years before doing improvisation courses with Hoopla and City Academy and enjoys the spontaneity of performing without a script. As a fan of things that make us laugh he has an eclectic sense of humour. At least, that’s what people tell him.


Kate Bishop

Kate originally trained to be an actress and had high aspirations of performing at the Globe, the National and even in a high brow BBC costume drama. So as we can see – money well spent on the drama school fees there then. 2 interesting facts about Kate – she has a gold tooth (yes you can see it if you ask nicely) and she can fit into the majority of high street kids clothes – no VAT!


Martin Hulf

Martin’s bio. The alternative one (because he hasn’t written one yet). He saw an impro show, loved it, wanted to get involved so trained with Hoopla. No sooner were the showcases done he jetted (or mopeded) around South East Asia for a year before coming back and joining up with his chums in City Impro. He brews beer and audits things (sadly he doesn’t audit beer).


Svavar Svavarsson

While at university in L.A., Svavar was a last-minute extra in a music video with Engelbert Humperdinck. He discovered impro in 2009 while living in Washington, DC and has trained there at WIT and the DC Improv, at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, and in London with Hoopla, Monkey Toast, The Spontaneity Shop, and The Free Association to name only a few.


Kate O’Connor

As one of the few people of Irish descent who hasn’t kissed the Blarney stone, performing with City Impro fills that void in Kate O’C’s life. She has trained with The Nursery, Hoopla and Sprout Ideas, and when she’s not making an arse of herself on stage, she can be found coming up with ideas for adverts, blogging about women’s sport and fitness or running around a rugby pitch.


Jimmy Ginger

At a young age, Jimmy invested a lot of his time into watching every episode of “Whose Line is It Anyway?”, soon after, he chose to pursue improvisation himself. He’s also a Mixed Martial Arts junkie, and is involved with a long form group called Clusterfox.