Balderdash Tour of Shoreditch Street Art (£10 – Saturday 18 February, 12pm)

The second day of our comedy festival starts with City Impro giving a guided improvised comedy tour of Shoreditch’s finest art.

That’s right – a completely off the cuff art tour!

Enroll into Balderdash University and join your improv professors on a tour de force of this century’s best street art focused in its natural home: Shoreditch. Learn the origin of ScatmanDo’s fable “Double Breasted Mute”, be inspired to take up the shakey can to design your own pieces, and cry at the deeper means of every image.

If every picture has a story to paint and every painting is worth a thousand words, then a painted picture of a word is riddled with meaning. (Not that that will mean anything to the faculty of Balderdash University’s Art Department.)

Join City Impro as they take to the streets and use your suggestions to give you the most eye opening, but made up and therefore useless yet hilarious comedy point of view on London street art.

After the tour we return to The Water Poet for the first improv show of the day!

All for just £10! Bargain!