Friday 17 February

8pm – 10pm

City Impro

A rip-roaring rollercoaster of laughter where there is just enough time to catch your breath as City Impro race from scene to scene. It will be silly, it will be fun and it will never be repeated again.


Dirty White Boys

Outrageous! Outstanding! And out of their depth! As yet undiscovered comedians Chazz Redhead and Jack Robertson love making jokes almost as much as they hate each other. Together they have formed kickass sketch due Dirty White Boys. From surreal silliness to crude gags, this truly odd couple tackle everything from office rivalries to the politest way to eat a baguette. Expect absurd characters, loud noises and surprisingly dark tonal shifts.


Sandy and Danni

Character comedy improvisers Leanna Wigginton & Angela Pollard Present: Sandy and Danni, two desperate and deluded (but very sweet) American girls looking for a fairytale romance. In an attempt to find their perfect partner, watch as they go on countless dates. As seen hanging around Buckingham Palace in the hope of meeting a prince or princess!


Neasden Rotary Club




Multiverse are a musical improv group where a simple, binary decision sparks two wildy contrasting timelines. Watch as these timelines then play out through the medium of song in a fantastical whirl-wind journey of song.


Saturday 18 February

12pm – 2pm

Balderdash Tour of Shoreditch Street Art

Enroll into Balderdash University and join your improv professors on a tour de force of this century’s best street art focused in its natural home: Shoreditch. Learn the origin of ScatmanDo’s fable “Double Breasted Mute”, be inspired to take up the shakey can to design your own pieces, and cry at the deeper means of every image.


2:30pm – 3:30pm

Very Serious People

An improvised Hollywood blockbuster based entirely on suggestions from you, the audience. Whether it’s a gritty cop drama or a melodramatic romance, Very Serious People will create a story with all the rich characters, narrative twists and blatant product placement you expect from Hollywood films.



Delve into the library and prepare for a show all based on books. Using the world of literature as inspriration, Postscript will create scenes and stories right before your eyes.


Merlin’s Beard Improv Comedy Society

Hailing from the University of Kent, Merlin’s Beard work their magic to form inter-connected themes and relationships for a miraculous theatrical experience all based on a suggestion provided by the audience.


3:45pm – 4:45pm

The Coaterie

A new type of sketch show where the audience is the star! A combination of sketch and improv with audience interaction. Get ready to jump up on stage with us, or write your own title for a sketch that we perform for you on the spot.



A comedy show where the audience is the location manager and you tell us where you want the action to be. The die is cast, we know where it will happen but no one knows what will happen as the drama unfolds. Tell the actors where to go: and they’ll take you there.


Careless Vespa

Careless Vespa brings you the news you haven’t heard yet. Using the audience as special correspondents along with a whole host of subject matter experts, and just our general knowledge see what Careless Vespa think is the news. Come have a fling with us!


5pm – 6:15pm

City Impro

A rip-roaring rollercoaster of laughter where there is just enough time to catch your breath as City Impro race from scene to scene. It will be silly, it will be fun and it will never be repeated again.


Classic Andy

Taking a suggestion of someone you know and something they always do – something that’s classic them, Classic Andy create free-flowing scenes that are discovered in the moment, with nothing planned in advance.


7pm – 8pm

Comedy Shenanigans

Comedy Shenanigans create hilarious quick-witted scenes based entirely on audience suggestions. Irish comedians Aislinn and Noel love making people laugh. They also love to collaborate with people they’ve never worked with before. Performing with two guest performers they have met for the first time an hour before the show, let the shenanigans commence!


Sweet Nelson

Sweet Nelson are seriously silly. Join them as they use mad costumes and props for a show that is a whole heap of fun and completely made up.


8:15pm – 9:15pm

Music Box

Creating a different one act comedy musical every show based on the suggestions of a location and title from the audience. Songs and lyrics are plucked from thin air and stories and characters are created on the spot. MusicBox have been performing together since 2009, with past musicals having taken place on the Orient Express, inside a Wetherspoons pub, in the Depths of Hell, inside a German WWII bunker and on board the Death Star.


Mad Monkey Improv

With no rehearsal and no script the Mad Monkey rely on their imaginations and wit to transform audience suggestions into hilariously funny scenes in the blink of an eye. A unique and completely different show every time!


9:30pm – 10:30pm


A unique night of comedy for you and yours as Shakespair uncover another of Shakespeare’s never-performed plays. A show that thy ladies and gentleman shall not protest too much at!


Panicky Tack

Panicky Tack bring you musical comedy, but not as you (or they) know it – All of the songs are craftily created on the spot! The two-piece London band return to SIF, bringing their mind-blowing, side-splitting, toe-tapping debut Edinburgh show. All it takes is a little help from the audience’s stories and suggestions to inspire anything from freestyle raps to heartfelt love songs to epic ballads. Expect killer grooves, angelic vocal harmonies and clever lyrics interspersed with comedy scenes and hilariously surreal discussions.


Sunday 19 February

12:30pm – 2:30pm

Beginner’s improv workshop with Naomi Petersen

Want to learn the basics of improv comedy in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere? Then join us for this two-hour beginner workshop on Sunday afternoon from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. Absolutely no experience necessary. The ticket will also give you entry to the Sunday afternoon show.

Naomi teaches Level 1 and 2 at The Free Association. She is an actor, comedian, writer and singer.  Her stage credits include Angus Thongs and Even More Snogging (West Yorkshire Playhouse), Chavs (Lyric Hammersmith), 10x10x10 (Pleasance), The Witches of Eastwick (Watermill) and Tender Loving Care (New Theatre Royal).  Television and Film credits include Drifters (E4), Pop Sludge (4Music), Jitterman (Raedar Ltd) and At First Sight (Rankin Film Productions). In 2016 she took her debut one woman comedy show ‘I Am Telling You I’m Not Going!’ to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


3pm – 4pm


Impetus build from a wordless, wild and physical opening into scenes that grow in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions before tying seamlessly up into a delightful and satisfying conclusion. Our shows are often moving, sometimes silly, but always hilarious.


Duck Duck Tales

A real-life choose-your-own-adventure book, where the audience gets to decide what happens next. Starting with a genre of film or theatre, and a suitable title, Duck Duck Tales create an entire improvised, narrated story, where they follow the hero throughout, meeting all sorts of characters, who help, hinder or even threaten them. Using choices made by the audience no matter where it may lead…. and if the worst does happen and the hero dies, they can just go back a page and try the other option!


Human Machine

Albert is a lovable nerd who dreams of the big stage. Lonely but resourceful, Albert builds himself a friend, whom he calls A.L.Ex (Artificial Language Experiment), a unique computer creation running artificial intelligence. The human and the machine pair up to make a show based on suggestions provided by the audience.


4:15pm – 5:15pm

Just Us League

The Just Us League deliver a show full of high energy, quick fire improvised scenes. Think ‘theatre channel surfing’ with a focus on fun and laughs and that’s what we aim for.


Big Now

A show with a high nonsense quotient, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Presenting their own format using physical transitions, BIG NOW will introduce you to scene after scene of clownlike characters ranging from the touching to the grotesque. Always on, never off, BIG NOW have been described by audiences as “like one organism”. The only way to experience life is to live it BIG and live it NOW. Join BIG NOW, now!


The Cartel

Fast paced comedy from some of London’s most exciting comedy writers, performers and stand ups from the Free Association.


5:30pm – 6:30pm

Dear Diary



Jack Left Town

The story of the greatest band the world has ever known, Jack Left Town. Inspired by improvised interviews with the band members we see the band’s history and adventures unfold along with stories about how they have influenced the world they inhabit. Animprovised rock documentary in the spirit of Spinal Tap.


Jon & Nath

Brand new sketch comedy show from two best friends who can’t stand each other – Jon & Nath. With characters from their YouTube channel and fresh stupidity – including the hottest (and possibly only) Jehovah’s Witness act in town! Clever writing and inimitable charm combine with cheap impressions, terrible dancing and very real slapstick to create a relentless assortment of instant classics. It’s time to learn how Jon & Nath Like To Party …


7pm – 9pm

Left Foot First

Fast-paced, high energy improvised shows, including improvised songs, celebrity impressions, improvised news stories and an improvised story inspired by just one word from the audience.



Using an emotion suggested by the audience as a starting point, The Parentheticals create three separate stories that slowly blend together culminating in a final joke-riddled set of fast paced scenes.



Improvable play games and do short scenes in a fast-paced and spontaneous show. You’ll see a mix of silly characters and heartfelt moments, and hear some cracking good one-liners. There’s a little bit of gentle audience interaction too!


Ten Thousand Million Love Stories

Ten Thousand Million Love Stories takes stories from the audience and weaves the characters, situations and ideas behind them into an improvised play. Starting from a single loving couple, the show spirals out to meet the people they know, their families,friends, ex-lovers and workmates, before returning to the original pair. A play about what it means to be inlove and how we struggle, fail and suceed in it. Described as an improvised Richard Curtis movie this is the perfect balance between realism and comedy slapstick.


The Bosun’s Delight

The Bosun’s Delight are a sketch-troup who will take you on a darkly-entertaining journey of the surreal and absurd, all whilst introducing you to their diverse range of wickedly-observed characters, from the enigmatically insane to the humorously larger-than-fiction.