City Impro on the LIL Show – Episode 20 – Svavar’s Wide Load featuring City Impro

For the first time ever the LIL Show is Talal-less (he’s up in Edinburgh and he sends his love). So what could be better than allowing City Impro’s Alex Sievewright take over? Nothing, that’s what.

Listen in as City Impro take over the LIL Show, broadcasting from a crowded studio as we discuss a fox on a rampage, offer advice on various subjects, deliver a blistering ‘show me yours’ and go on a bizarre tangent of TV shows on the radio. Also we are visited by a group of professors from BS University and perform one of the most epic ‘Movies! Movies! Movies!’ ever: Point Break.

The LIL Show – Episode 20: Svavar’s Wide Load feat. City Impro by The Lil Show on Mixcloud

City Impro on the LIL Show – Episode 9 – My Many Nipples

Listen in as City Impro join the LIL Show to consider what Benidorm would be like as a World Heritage Site, express our outrage at ridiculous, new tech start-ups, we meet the three-headed inventor of a pledge-making spoon, we join some retired knights of the round table as they reminisce over the good old days and we finish with the most inappropriate edition of ‘Movies, Movies, Movies!’ ever heard on The LIL Show. Oh boy…

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